1. Oil fields burning in Kuwait, 1991.

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  2. superseventies:

    Living room design from House & Garden, 1970

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  5. Josip Broz Tito of Yugoslavia, 1892-1980.

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  6. ocean-liners:

    The Tender Ship Nomadic awaiting launch in Harland and Wolff slip no. 1. To the right, Olympic and Titanic are currently under construction.

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  7. Angela Davis, on the run in 1970.

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  8. Zeppelin LZ-5 before launch, Manzell, Lake Constance, Germany, 1909.

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  9. The ruins of Stalingrad — nearly completely destroyed after some six months of brutal warfare — seen from an aircraft after the end of hostilities, in late 1943. (Michael Savin/Waralbum.ru)

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  10. “Circuit Death” races, ”La Vie au Grand Air,” 1919.

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