1. Red army soldiers take a well-deserved musical break.

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  2. Lost In Istanbul, 1955. Photo by Ara Güler

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  3. Prague residents carrying a Czechoslovakian flag and throwing burning torches attempt to stop a Soviet tank.

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  5. Children sleeping on the fire escape of a Lower East Side tenement Weegee - Heat Spell, 1941 | via ephemeralnewyork

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  6. Flight attendants stand and talk beneath airline advertising posters, March 1951.
    Photograph by B. Anthony Stewart, National Geographic

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  7. Park Street: Bristol, 1920s (by brizzle born and bred)

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  9. “Soldatengrab mit Pickelhaube”; a pickelhaube rests atop a crude crucifix, marking the grave of a fallen soldier. (via)

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