2. ourpresidents:

    Photographs of the Final Days of the Nixon Administration

    President Nixon walking along the West Wing portico.  8/8/74.

    Presidential Speechwriter Raymond Price working on the President’s Resignation speech.  8/8/74.

    Crowds outside the White House.  8/8/74.

    On the 40th anniversary of the resignation, watch newly released and unedited video of Richard Nixon speaking candidly about his last days in office.

  3. E. Trukov, a participant in the battle of Leningrad, was awarded the Order of the Red Banner. July 5th, 1941.

    Photographer: R.A. Mazelev.

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  6. fuckyeahbalkans:

    Cholera slaughtering Ottoman soldiers during the First Balkan war (1912-1913), Le Petit Journal, 01.12.1912.

    (Source: gallica.bnf.fr)

  7. sovietpropaganda:

    Yup, that’s a Panther V German tank, manufactured sometime between mid-1943 to 1945. It took the museum two years to restore this intimidating beast of a machine. (at Canadian War Museum)

    I went to the CWM today and it was incredible— at least 5 hours worth of displays from the War of 1812 up to the peacekeeping missions of the latter half of the 20th century. [posting from my personal blog]

  8. Oil fields burning in Kuwait, 1991.

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  9. superseventies:

    Living room design from House & Garden, 1970

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